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The Stratum Story

For too many years, the mining industry has lagged behind its peers in its ability to leverage data to generate real business value. We created Stratum to change that reality and put the mining industry at the forefront of the digital transformation. We combine years of geology and machine learning domain expertise to achieve a single task -- ensure every mine leaves no in-situ value behind and is able to achieve maximal profitability.

Stratum is a global organization headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Peru and Australia.

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Our mission at Stratum is to bring the machine learning revolution to the mining industry. Mining is an industry with billions of data points with ample opportunity to create real economic value by leveraging each data point to its fullest potential. We see a future where Stratum’s SATS technology is a hyper-intelligent artificial brain powering every single decision behind every mine on the planet -- from mine development until the last ounce of gold runs through the mill. Our company's dedication is to make that future vision a reality, regardless of how long the road and how hard the journey.

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