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reimagining mining

We create more accurate models for mine planning and grade control through Machine Learning.

direct economic benefits

Increase Average Mined Grade

More accurately distinguish ore/waste through better modelling and dynamic reconciliation to increase average grade.

Increase Realized NPV of Mine Plan

StratumAI resource models directly contribute to more accurate mine plans where resources are always being dedicated to economic areas while uneconomic areas stay in the ground.

indirect economic benefits

Dynamic Reconciliation and Error Correction

StratumAI tracks ore in real-time across the mine allowing for faster error-correction of dilution, modelling, and grade control issues.

Improved Drill Targeting

StratumAI allows for more effective drilling programs that obtain more information per drillholeā€“helping develop resource faster.

one of our copper mines resulted in



Waste Produced




Yield Gained




Tonnage Deviation




HG Stockpile Grade

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