Deployment Engineer


Here at StratumAI, we work towards improving the mining industry using ML to make better resource models, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. We are looking for an adaptable and capable Deployment Engineer to join our startup’s technical team and help us move towards changing the global mining industry.

You’ll be joining a diverse team of engineers and data scientists to work on building, improving, and maintaining end-to-end machine learning systems. If you are interested in working on ML problems in industry and want to explore novel tools and systems to deploy these solutions on the client side, then this is the position for you. To be successful, you need exceptional skills in backend and/or systems engineering with a healthy dose of curiosity to learn new things on the fly. Interest in working at a growing startup is a must!


  • Implement and maintain deployment infrastructure for clients receiving Stratum services
  • Introduce data pipelines, simple backends and/or APIs to serve the clients with Stratum services in a regular, automated manner
  • Create redundancies, systems monitoring, automated pings/scripts to ensure consistent service to clients as the services and number of customers increase
  • Build and maintain backend for internal tools to analyze and visualize new models being trained/tested
  • Interface with clients in deployment phase; implement monitoring tools for client-side use
  • Keep abreast of backend tools, microservices, and systems monitoring developments


  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or equivalent practical experience
  • Understanding of server/cloud service configuration and management (e.g. EC2, S3), version control, automatic scripting
  • Ability to write robust code in Python, Node.js
  • Proficiency in using Git, love for CI/CD best practices, interest in making modular and extensible software
  • Self-learner and motivated to pick up new skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail and awareness of overall system performance

Nice to Have

  • Knowledge of robust data warehousing solutions (e.g. Redshift)
  • Basic understanding of machine learning and data science
  • Previous experience working at startups
  • Experience with backend/IT systems commonly used in mining sectors

To apply, please email your CV to

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